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Natural Stone & Quartz

Countertops Warranty

1.  Terra Stoneworks warrants to the customer for a period of 1 year from the date of delivery of product that the final product and installation shall be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and conditions as well as use of a stone sealant before use of product.


2.  Written contract must be set forth between Terra Stoneworks and hiring contractor/customer for any warranty claim to be made.


3.  Contractor/Customer must adhere to best practices/recommendations by Terra Stoneworks prior to any work, repairs and/or replacement.


4.  Product must not be tampered with, neglected, moved or damaged by customer in order for warranty claim to be considered.


5.  Natural variations in color, shading, consistency, shape, finish and tone shall not be considered a defect and will not be considered for repair and/or replacement.  Terra Stoneworks is not responsible for quality or appearance of finishes administered by a third party (i.e. manufacturer/quarry). If replacement is necessary, Terra Stoneworks will diligently try to find a suitable match, however cannot guarantee matching lot numbers.  


6.  Terra Stoneworks does not warranty it’s product and installation to safety codes set forth by local municipalities or jurisdictions unless specified in written contractual agreement prior to performing any work.  Terra Stoneworks does adhere to all Marble Institute of America safety procedures, best practices, guidelines as well as all OSHA standards, however safety in regard to the finished product is the responsibility of contractor and/or customer.


7.  Terra Stonework’s sole commitment with regard to any underperformance and/or failure to meet customer expectation is limited to adjustment and/or replacement of any uninstalled product at no cost to the customer assuming any part of the installation which examination shall disclose to Terra Stoneworks satisfaction to be defective.


8.  No statement by a Terra Stoneworks employee or associate admitting liability shall be binding against Terra Stoneworks, unless it is


a. Made in writing and made by a representative of Terra Stoneworks who has authorization to make such statement.

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